Positive Parenting Solutions Review (What To Expect?)

Positive Parenting Solutions Review

The number of times in your life have you hired a coach or a professional to teach you brand-new abilities? How typically have you received training for a task? Parenting abilities are found out. And being a moms and dad is probably the most important job you’ll ever have. So why would you forego parenting training?

If you’ve read any of my other article, you understand I’m a huge fan of using Positive Parenting Techniques due to the fact that they truly do work. So today I want to show you my experience with one popular online parenting program: Positive Parenting Solutions (PPS).
Table Of Contents

My Background With PPS
Your Parenting Baggage
The Basics
So What is PPS Exactly?
Item Overview
Who Benefits from Positive Parenting Solutions?
What’s Included?
The Workbook
Video Lessons
Steps 1 through 7
Specialty Modules
Facebook Community
Coaching Calls
How do the Live Coaching Calls Work?
The Parenting-in-your-Pocket App
The Real Cost
What’s Free?
Upfront Fees
List price
Payment Plan
What’s the Catch? Added Costs and Upsells?
Pros & Cons
Last Review
Favorable Parenting Solutions

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My Background With PPS

Sometimes you’ll find bloggers and influencers gain access to programs for a limited time for the sole function of composing an evaluation. That’s not me. I am a very long time member of Positive Parenting Solutions. And this is not one of the normal Positive Parenting Solution Reviews …

In fact, I registered for Positive Parenting Solutions for the very first time when my earliest kid was 2 years old. Those awful 2 temper tantrums had me searching for solutions. I didn’t have my partner completely on-board to attempt a Positive Parenting technique, so I really cancelled my subscription (and got a full refund per their warranty, by the way).

It wasn’t up until a year later on, after hours of research study and spending hundreds on parenting books, that I came back to Positive Parenting Solutions. I ‘d convinced my hubby that Positive Parenting would work for us, so I signed up for the program once again. And I’ve been using the Positive Parenting Solutions (PPS) every day since.

The truth that I’ve been using PPS for several years provides me the insight to share with you both the fantastic things about the program, in addition to the spaces. So read on to hear my no BS evaluation of Positive Parenting Solutions.
Your Parenting Baggage

Before we dive into the details, I wish to discuss parenting baggage. Parenting struggles bring out the worst in us. Not just you … everyone. Even the creator of Positive Parenting Solutions defines herself as a “recuperating yeller”. Favorable Parenting Solutions is best for parents who are having a hard time and wish to do better.

Here’s a reality: If you’re looking for parenting courses and parenting coaches, you’re currently a fantastic parent. Do you shout every day? Do you resort to time-outs or spanking? Don’t fret. Favorable Parenting Solutions can reveal you a more reliable way. Drop your parenting baggage at the door, give yourself a little grace, and welcome the little, actionable actions included in the PPS program.
The Basics

Item: Positive Parenting Solutions: The 7-Step Parenting Success System
Website: www.PositiveParentingSolutions.com
Description: Online parenting course and support neighborhood
Pricing: Three tiered prices, beginning at $199 (restricted time pricing).
Owner: Author and parenting specialist, Amy McCready

positive parenting solutions examine
So What is PPS Exactly?

Positive Parenting Solutions is an extensive parenting course that provides information, step-by-step strategies for handling the hardest parenting circumstances.

” The 7-Step Parenting Success System includes specific, battle-tested methods, not fluffy classroom theory. You’ll discover word-for-word scripts you can count on, even in the heat of high-stress tantrums and fights. Amy will teach you exactly what to state and when to say it, no matter what life tosses at you.”
Favorable Parenting Solutions

Item Overview

Favorable Parenting Solutions is an online pre-recorded video course taught by Amy McCready. They are high quality, well prepared videos. These are not videos taped on the fly with a laptop computer video camera. You’ll follow together with the lessons at your own speed, utilizing the offered workbook (which you can print yourself or buy a printed variation … more on that later). There’s adequate extra material also, to both expand and strengthen the principles in the videos.

So what’s in the videos? Amy supplies bite sized lessons that teach you how to analyze your kid’s habits, and more notably, how to react to it. She will explain the “why” and give you in-depth instructions on the “how”. She’ll assist you achieve your preferred results WITHOUT irritating, screaming, or advising.

The fundamental lessons are broken into 7 Steps (or Modules), with 49 private lessons. Not all are long videos. A few of the lessons include short articles and tests. It is highly encouraged to go through these steps in order because each lesson builds on the previous one. Completing these actions is vital before you move on to any sophisticated or specialty modules. Fortunately is the program is self-paced, so you can blaze through the steps the very first time if you desire, or go slowly and execute each step in order.

One side note: No matter how rapidly or gradually you go through the course, you will more than likely need to go through it again. There’s a TON of information loaded into these lessons. It’s very challenging to maintain everything on the very first pass. I’ve been utilizing the program for several years, and I still need to go back and reference specific lessons on a regular basis.

As you progress through the course, you’ll find out new parenting “tools” to add to your tool kit. Amy supplies wonderful cheat sheets to assist you keep the details you’re finding out also.
Who Benefits from Positive Parenting Solutions?

The short answer is every parent can gain from Positive Parenting Solutions. You’ll find out invaluable skills, all based on science. The skills are useful even beyond parenting scenarios. But I digress. Here are the groups of individuals who will benefit MOST from Positive Parenting Solutions.

Moms and dads who wish to construct a strong bond with their kids
Caregivers of all kinds
Parents who desire kids to listen, the very first time
Moms and dads who are sick of screaming, nagging, and advising

Here’s the best part. Amy has a totally free Introductory Webinar to see if the program is an excellent fit for you. BONUS OFFER TIP: Watch the Webinar initially to gain access to unique prices on the course.
What’s Included?
The Workbook

Favorable Parenting Solutions includes a massive fill-in-the-blank workbook. When I initially began PPS, you had to download it and print it. It took a full ink cartridge and half a ream of paper to print the important things out. I ended up sending the file to Office Max to have it printed and bound.

If I’m being truthful, fumbling with the workbook was a frustrating, horrible impression. It was the extremely first thing you were charged with when you joined PPS.

The bright side is that they’ve now included the option to have actually a printed workbook mailed to you! It’s well worth the small cost to have a professionally printed product shipped to your home.

And, more notably, the reason I point out the printing alternative is that the PPS team listens to feedback. It was a bothersome concern, and they repaired it. This isn’t the only example of great improvements in the program, however it’s essential to keep in mind that they are listening to even the tiniest issues. And they are doing something about it on them.
favorable parenting services examine
Video Lessons
Actions 1 through 7

The foundation of the program is set out in 7 Steps (or Sessions/Modules), and include 49 lessons, plus other worksheets, posts and tests. This is where you will find most of the parenting tools in PPS.

These lessons are meant to give you fast outcomes. Once Amy presents a tool, you need to start utilizing it! Naturally, you can not anticipate to see outcomes overnight, however many people see great improvements by the end of Step 1. The tools are not made complex. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of word option and tone.

Truthfully, you’ll be astonished … there are times where I’ve seemed like reciting Amy’s word-for-word scripts were actually a magic spell. Things I ‘d been pleading my kids to do for months were suddenly just * taking place * because I said it Amy’s method.

At the end of Step 7, you’ll have an incredible 37 brand-new tools in your PPS toolbox (and this number will continue to grow, because Amy frequently includes brand-new content).
Specialty Modules

So what if you’re interested in solving a specific issue? No problem! PPS includes specialty modules to deal with common concerns. These specialty modules are sometimes hosted by industry specialists rather than Amy (like Potty Training), but they ALWAYS consist of actionable steps to tackle your particular difficulty.
Here’s a list of the present specialized modules (Jan 2021).

Taming Morning Mania.
Managing Mealtime Madness.
Curing the Bedtime Blues.
No More Chore Wars.
MBST: Secret Weapon for Better Behavior.
Potty Training 101.
Preventing Sibling Bullying.
Raising Adventurous Eaters.
Terrific Teen Parenting Skills.
Innovation Survival Plan.
Sex Talks … Simplified.
Accountable Social Media.
14 Talks by Age 14.
Assist for Homework Hassles.
3 R’s of School Success.
Keeping Kids Safe from Bullying.
Help for Struggling Students.
ADHD 101.
Homework Skills for ADHD/EFD Kids.
Assist for Anxious Kids.
The Explosive Child.
Treating the Entitlement Epidemic.
ABCs of Allowance.
Say NO to Rewards & Praise.
Business Systems in the Family.
Stronger Than Ever Parenting Partners.
Divorce & Parenting Apart.
Getting Your Partner on the Same Page.

Facebook Community.

The Facebook Groups are a goldmine. This is an assistance function only available to gold members. There are more than 40,000 members, including Amy and numerous PPS Ambassadors. And you have access to all their knowledge. Concerns are answered thoroughly and promptly. There’s a library of documents and resources for a large range of parenting problems.

And here’s another recent improvement the PPS team implemented: There are now 2 various Facebook groups: one for littles (ages 1 to 9) and one for bigs (ages 10 to 17). The change took place in January 2021, and is the outcome of feedback from group members. Parenting littles is far various than parenting bigs, and the new age-focused groups assists you get the answer from other parents who might be struggling with the exact same issues.

The really excellent news is the old Positive Parenting Solutions Facebook group is archived, but still available. So we all still have access to years of fantastic parenting suggestions.
As a long period of time member of Positive Parenting Solutions, I can give you the scoop on what works and what doesn’t. Read my uncesored review!
As a long time member of Positive Parenting Solutions, I can give you the scoop on what works and what does not. Read my uncesored review!
Training Calls.

There’s another benefit just offered to Golc members: Live Coaching Calls. When you buy a Gold membership, you’ll get a full year of access to weekly coaching calls. These are live calls where you can ask concerns about your particular obstacles, and you’ll receive direct, customized responses from Amy and her group of coaches. This is perhaps the most important part of the Gold subscription. REWARD: Gold members have access to the recordings from previous Live Coaching Calls!
How do the Live Coaching Calls Work?

First, you need to have completed Steps 1 through 4 before you can get on a Live Coaching Call. When you need suggestions, you’ll complete a questionnaire (at least 24 hours prior to the call so they are ready to address your questions), and when the Live Coaching Call starts, one of Amy’s amazing coaches will mark time callers to ask their concerns. Amy will offer you personalized suggestions. They’ve actually streamlined the process to help as lots of people as possible. BENEFIT: The training calls are taped and available for you to reference back to!
The Parenting-in-your-Pocket App.

When I initially joined PPS, I was working a requiring, full time task and I had very little time to take a seat and view each video. So this App, which enables you to access all the PPS material, was very important. I ‘d listen to the lectures in the vehicle en route to work, or when I was sitting in waiting spaces. It’s a very practical bonus for those on the GOLD and SILVER plans.
positive parenting solutions review.

I can’t say adequate about the support staff with PPS. As I discussed, I actually cancelled my membership prior to re-signing up. Even when I was asking for that no-questions-asked refund, the support staff was gracious and kind. I’ve had nothing but remarkable interactions with everybody, from the Live Call Coaches to the Facebook PPS Ambassadors (who are volunteers by the way). I’ve even had actually personalized guidance from Amy herself. And never ever felt like I was a ‘number’ or that she was too hectic to appreciate my particular difficulties. The PPS team wishes to help you be successful.
The Real Cost.
What’s Free?

Initially, I ought to point out that PPS consists of a blog full of useful Positive Parenting short articles that are totally free (and searchable, which is useful).

The Introductory Webinar is also completely complimentary. And it includes arguably the most important actionable ideas. So even if you’re not prepared to invest the money on the full program, you should view the complimentary webinar!
Upfront Fees.
List price.

Bronze– $221.11.
Silver– $276.77.
Gold– $350.00.

Positive Parenting Solutions is available at three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze provides one year of access to the foundational course materials, Steps 1 through 7. You do not get any of the specialized modules or added advantages. To be sincere, I would not eleven consider enrolling at the bronze level due to the fact that you don’t get the complete course products and definitely your parenting journey is more than a year long.

Both silver and gold level subscriptions provide LIFETIME access. With the silver level, you’ll have access to all the course products, plus the Parenting-in-your-Pocket App.

If you wish to get the most out of PPS, think about the gold level subscription. The Coaching Calls and the Facebook Community are the most valuable pieces of Positive Parenting Solutions since they allow you to tailor the PPS coursework to your real life circumstances. The suggestions of the coaches, ambassadors, and other parents who’ve been in your shoes are resources that are worth far more than the pricetag of the PPS Gold Membership.
Payment Plan.

Favorable Parenting Solutions provides a hassle-free 12-month payment plan. This makes it a lot easier to manage the program if you’re on a spending plan. It’s $20 to $35 each month (depending upon which tier you pick). That’s less than the cost of one supper out, which is pretty reasonable for a program that will totally alter your household dynamic.

For a minimal time, you can SAVE 10% and get a totally free upgrade to the next tier. So pay the bronze sale price ($ 199), get the silver subscription … or pay the silver price ($ 249), get the gold subscription.
positive parenting solutions review.
What’s the Catch? Added Costs and Upsells?

Once you’re a part of the PPS Community (silver or gold level), you have access to any brand-new product that Amy adds to the course. Because I’ve been a member, they have more than doubled the Advanced/Specialty modules.

When you register, you’ll have the choice to print the workbook in the house (free, however consumes a lot of ink), or have a printed book mailed to you for $25. It’s not a required expenditure, but it’s absolutely worth it in my opinion.

The only other time you’ll need to invest more cash with PPS is if you need to purchase more Live Coaching Call passes after your very first year. The cost is reasonable (currently $50 for 3 passes), and totally worth if you need customized suggestions.

Amy does have a second item readily available for sale, called The Ultimate Success Plan for an Unpredictable School Year. It’s a minicourse she introduced throughout our unmatched COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s tailored towards school-aged parents who require a strong plan for dealing with remote learning. It is not included with the PPS membership.
Pros & Cons.

Amy is a fantastic teacher.
Videos are excellent quality and burglarized small bite size pieces.
A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
A Mobile App for convenience.
Live Coaching Calls (Gold Only).
Facebook Support Communities (Gold Only).
It’s more than simply videos: includes quizzes, taped roleplay workshops, short articles, and more.
A huge selection of extra material is available.


The prices structure can be puzzling with the complimentary tier upgrade.
The quantity of material can be overwhelming.
You must complete Steps 1 to 4 prior to you can get personalized help.

Final Review.

So my final verdict? Favorable Parenting Solutions is an excellent program for most moms and dads. You most likely gathered that from my raving review. And there’s absolutely no factor to not give it a try. They use a FREE 60-minute Introductory Webinar, and they have a solid 30-day cash back guarantee if you’re not pleased with content.

The program is not without faults, but the reality that the content has doubled since I started the program which they continue to repair little bothersome problems (like the Workbook and altering the Facebook Groups), tells me that they will continue to strive for a more ideal parenting program. And that is enough to make me a superfan.