How To Wean Baby Off Bottle At Night

How To Wean Baby Off Bottle At Night

Weaning baby off bottles especially in the evening is an uphill struggle for all the moms. That’s why the Internet is full of this query that how to wean child off the bottle during the night?

Children awaken in the middle of the night requiring a bottle. To prevent their constant crying and nudging, providing a bottle straightaway is the only suitable option.

Some moms also think that their infants are starving because of not eating food throughout the day. Many toddlers are choosy eaters and they create problem while having food.

When you continue to provide milk in the night, they will keep on asking for it. They use it as a way to grab your attention. It affects their sleeping pattern, as mostly the toddlers who ask for milk in the night are early wakers.

They are not able to settle themselves for the remainder of the night. Also, they reveal no interest in food during the day as they are getting milk at night. For example, a mom complained about her 1-year-old awakening in the evening hungry because the child is not eating food during the day.
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Night bottles are the cause of night waking- Are they?

All children and toddlers get up 4 to 6 times per night. My 1-year-old still wakes up during the night for a bottle and I make sure most moms can associate with it. After getting up, all young children desire milk bottles to regain sleep.

Really, when you offer a bottle or breastfeed to toddlers to help them in sleeping, they learn this practice.

As a result, it will disrupt your sleep. Therefore, the point comes when you choose that using a bottle is not a transplanting method and there should be other methods. Night bottles are the cause of uneasiness in the evening time, so now it’s time to learn how to wean infant off bottle in the evening.
How to decide to Quit bottles

There should be a good understanding between both the partners on this decision of stopping bottles. It’s only you who can choose when is a kid too old for a bottle. If you have actually made a decision, be consistent. Toddlers will weep their heart out but try to be consistent if you have started practicing how to wean child off bottle at night.

Kids fast students and they will eventually learn that they can settle without a bottle during the night. As a result, they will begin consuming more during the day because now they are not getting lots of calories from night bottles. Some females fret about how much milk must a 2-year-old drink daily!

The response differs from young child to young child.
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Bedtime feeds or Breastfeeding

If your 1 years of age still waking for night feeds which are resulting in night waking, time to learn some authentic pointers.

Getting milk at the end of the day is the best way to unwind the hectic day for a toddler. Bedtime milk is not a problem unless the young children are requiring it throughout the night.

When to drop bedtime milk is simply your choice. The warm milk is known to assist in dropping off to sleep rapidly however these points must be kept in mind:

1. Brush or tidy teeth after bottle. This will secure them from tooth decay.

2. Keep them awake for 5-10 minutes after the milk is finished.

3. Kids like storytime. Permit them to finish their feed resting on your knee while reading them a story. When the milk is ended up, go to sleep for another round of story up until they drop off to sleep.

4. Do not let your child asleep while having a bottle if you are finding out how to wean child off bottle in the evening.
Tips on how to wean baby off bottle at night!

There are many methods you can utilize to throw out bottles in the evening. Let’s dig in:
Use the Cold turkey technique

The quickest way to wean baby off bottle at night is to stop using a bottle as a relying alternative. This appears hard at first and your kid will object but do not give up. There are numerous other tips for transplanting without bottle at night time.

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Tips on How to Wean Baby off Bottle in the evening?
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Water down the Milk

” My 2-year-old still awakens at night for milk”, said a mom who appears defenseless and finding ways to wean toddler off bottle at night. Another mother complained about 4-year-old drinking milk at night.

So, what should be the solution and when do infants stop consuming milk during the night?

After becoming consistent in not using young children milk at night, the other service is mixing milk with water. Yes! It works. For a couple of nights, gradually dilute the milk and see the outcome. However remember, do it slowly.

For example, 25% water and 75% milk for the opening night, 50% milk and 50% water for the second, and so on. This will adjust them in understanding that milk is not the only choice to settle and sleep through the night.
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Minimize the quantity of milk per night

This suggestion can be extremely useful when it comes to how to wean baby from bottle at naptime. Child likes to sleep a minimum of once a day with a naptime feed. By reducing the quantity of milk for a few nights and naptimes, you can be able to wean baby off bottle.

Starting from 200 ml of milk and after that decreasing it to 150 and 100 to no milk. Remember, you will get a lot of responses from the kid and perhaps hours of crying however eventually, he will discover to settle down without a bottle. Likewise, try putting child to bed with bottle of water.
Offer a pacifier or a dummy

This idea comes convenient when a kid requires to satisfy his sucking than drinking milk. Offer a young child a dummy or a soother instead of a bottle at night. It is useful when it comes to how to wean off morning bottle. Offer a comforter in the morning and it will be an alternative for them to draw or relax.

We suggest these Dr Brown’s Ortho Pacifiers for kids who have problem sleeping.

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Tips on How to Wean Baby off Bottle in the evening pacifiersTips on How to Wean Baby off Bottle at night pacifiers
Final words

If your 19 months old still wakes for milk, then it’s high time to learn how to wean infant off bottle during the night. There are other resettling ways than night time feeds. Follow them for a smoother sleep and enhanced eating routines.